Wildlife Tours in Speyside: another soaring cat!

Learning about Scottish wildlife doesn’t need to be challenging. Our tour guide, Sara-Jane, likes to share fun ways to make bird calls memorable.

On Monday, I welcomed Elsbeth and David on our woodland bird walk experience in Ballindalloch. The Silver birch woodland came alive as we strolled under the canopy.

buzzard soaring the skies over the uk

We observed busy coal tits, great tits, and a song thrush as they prepared for breeding. We also got spectacular close up views of buzzards. At first, we heard distant “meowing” high in the sky – that’s when the soaring cat idea came to mind. Then one swooped down and settled in the crown of a tree no more than 15 metres in front of us. What a sight!

Really interesting and enjoyable walk in a lovely woodland

We booked a woodland walk during a visit to Craigellachie. Sara-Jane our guide was friendly, down to earth and very knowledgeable about the local wildlife, history and heritage of the area.

We were lucky to have a beautiful day for the walk but I think Sara Jane would be able to make it interesting and enjoyable for everyone regardless of the weather or your knowledge.

5 Star Trip Advisor Review. Elsbeth and David, March 2022

Once we reached the summit of our walk, we imagined what life was like when this old mill was in its prime.

I can not think of a better way to enjoy a sunny morning than to spend time in nature. Elsbeth and David agree! Thank you both for choosing Wild Alba Tours. I hope to see you again on another tour in the future. Safe and happy travels from all the Wild Alba team.

Written by Sara-Jane, Wildlife & Tourism Officer

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