Wildlife Tours in Scotland | Nethy Bridge

red squirrel on snow covered ground

Visit Scotland and meet the silent giants at Abernethy Forest. Learn about the great Caledonian pine forest and the special highland wildlife that call it home

Key information

Price: £40 per person

Duration: 2 hours

Fitness level: Moderate

Distance: 3 miles/ 5 km

Dog friendly: Yes (Please read our guidance on dogs before making a booking enquiry)

Location: Nethy Bridge (once your booking is confirmed, we will send you a ‘Google Pin’ with the exact location)

Photo credit: Richard Elliott

grandson and grandfather with binoculars in forest
Things to bring

Tours will go ahead in most weathers, so please come prepared. The following are recommended:

Waterproof coat

Warm clothes



Long-sleeved top

Waterproof trousers

Walking/wellie boots

Sun protection

Abernethy Forest is a national nature reserve that is ancient, wild and immeasurably special – a place so extraordinary that it can feel like another country.

a european crested tit perched on a stem

Caledonian pine forest is wildlife-rich and like no other forest in the UK. Huge, gnarled, lichen-encrusted Scots pine trees dot the landscape, interspersed with other species such as juniper, rowan, birch, blae’berry and heather.

Learn about Scotland’s magnificent Caledonian pine forests

Restoring the Ancient Caledonian Forest, Alan Watson | TEDxFindhorn

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