Wildlife Experiences

We will help you hunt down the best wildlife experiences. Giving your holiday some special moments and lasting memories.  You can seek outdoor adventures with a wild life safari on our estates spotting Red Squirrels and Otters or have a relaxing afternoon stroll and picnic on the banks of the River Spey with no agenda. We bring you the best Mother Nature has to offer.

We only run small tours of up to 4 people at one time. This gives you the best experience possible and access to the ranger and ecologist’s expert knowledge and experience.

In a hectic world of deadlines and stress, treat yourself to a relaxing day of slow adventure with one of our wildlife walks or safaris. These tours are ideal for those who like to unwind as they enjoy and explore the great outdoors.  We can follow a set route or have a flexible agenda of things to see. We can stop and look at whatever catches your eye with no fixed timetable or itinerary. We can tailor to trip just for you, please give us a call and we can talk to you about what options will work for you and what experiences you want to have.

Wildlife safari

Wildlife Safari
Wildlife Safari


Wildlife walks

Wildlife Walk
Hill walkers in the cairngorms national park.

Tours start at £17.50 per person and are available to up to maximum of 4 people at a time. To book a tour call us direct on 07966 201859 or email info@wildalbatours.com .

Our rangers and ecologists are on hand to help you plan your day. We will give you a flavour of the authentic history and culture of the area. Introduce you to the way that the landscape has changed over time and is managed today. Introduce you to the living landscapes of Scotland and take you to some special places.

We can also include a host of different activities during your tour. We are in an area that offers a vast number of options form cultural visits, historical sites, numerous whisky distilleries and exceptional landscapes which are all just on our doorstep. Some of the most interesting costal villages, fantastic beaches and bays, the great glens, lochs we love, scenic routes and classic views.

There are other options available like seeing dolphins and whales in the Moray Firth on a sea life cruise. Take a visit to Loch Garten famous for the ospreys, with nature trails through scots pine woods. Enjoy the snow road from Tomintoul into royal Deeside, a ribbon of road in the bare mountains, past the sentinel ruin Corgarff castle.

Our tour guides can also take you on a whisky-fuelled adventure through the stunning Speyside scenery along Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail. Along the way we will encounter a wide selection of iconic wildlife. You will hear about the evolution of the whisky industry, and the importance of the trade to the local and national economy.

We can also will take a select group out into the hidden valleys and up onto the moorland and hills.  Surrounded by an array of wonderful wildlife, we can tell you about the secret history of illicit whisky making in the area, how this formed an important economic activity and is a highly influential aspect of Scotland’s history and culture.





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