What the heather do you mean?

Do you know your cross-leaved heath from your ling and bell? Wild Alba Tours is here to help you learn about Scotland’s plant life.

Imagine a vast purple hillside in Scotland. You would think that just one plant was responsible for creating such a memorable late summer spectacle. When you have the opportunity, take a closer look… You will discover subtle differences in shades of purple, leaf, and flower shape. A little confused? Don’t worry. Wild Alba Tours is here to help!

Sara-Jane exploring the heather on Ballindalloch Estate.

At the weekend, we introduced you to the types of heather found on Ballindalloch Estate. Our guide, Sara-Jane, shared her knowledge on the sexy world of heather-promoting soil and what management techniques are needed for these plants to create a healthy place for wildlife to live.

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If you love Moray Speyside as much as we do, there are lots of fun and educational experiences to fill your time. For more information on things to do, click here.

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