The USA meets The Highlands


Join us in Ballindalloch on our Woodland Wildlife & Heritage Tour today!

We were delighted to welcome Eugenia and Rick who travelled all the way from Washington DC to experience the beauty of the Highlands.

Our first (almost) wild encounter was Miss Ethal, The Haugh Farm’s jolly Gloucester Old Spot. The rummaging nature of the pigs helps wildflower seeds and tree nuts to get cosy under the soil. Over time, this allows parts of the woodland to thrive.

The birch wood came alive as we made our way upward toward the open heather hill. It was butterflies galore! A couple of the species we spotted include the striking Scotch Argus and the lovely Speckled Wood.

A morning walk with Wild Alba Tours would not be complete without a cup of tea and shortbread. Looking over Ballindalloch estate we sipped our tea of choice and nibbled our sweet treat as we admired the sunny landscape.

What Eugenia and Rick had to say:

We very much enjoyed the walk learning about the role of the pigs in the forest and the various plants and animals. Really like Wild Alba Tours’ stewardship and education message. Happy to recommend Wild Alba. 

Eugenia and Rick, Washington DC, USA

If you too would like to experience natural wonders on our Woodland Wildlife & Heritage walk, please get in touch.

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