The Haugh Farm

We are proud to be partnered with The Haugh Farm where we run our spring lambing experience and Ballindalloch wildlife tour

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We believe that The Haugh Farm is the perfect setting for you to learn how local people in rural Scotland help to create a healthy living-landscape.

The third-generation farm is run by Graeme Gordan and his family in Ballindalloch, Moray.

Graeme is forward-thinking and passionate about transitioning the farm’s production from traditional methods to progressive eco-alternatives.

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One of his missions on the farm is to take care of its soil. As an advocate for healthy soil, he invests time in minimal tillage methods – be sure to ask him about it!

blue white and red poppy flower field

Giving nature a home on the farm is also important. Here is a list of what they have done, so far:

River bank restoration: By fencing the river banks and planting trees, the banks are able to naturally repair as plant communities begin to grow.

Hedgerows: Natural boundaries between fields like hedgerows act as wildlife corridors, allowing nature to move freely around the farm.

Native woodland regeneration: Following instructions for a woodland scheme, native woodland on the farm has been fenced off to help the ecosystem thrive.

Wader scrapes: Identified breeding areas for wading birds have been managed to encourage them to nest.

Species-rich grassland: Old pasture fields have been planted with native wildflowers. It is now a Site of Species Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Farm to fork’ is the farm’s ethos. Selling their produce locally means that food mileage is kept low; further reducing their environmental impact.

The farm is transitioning to raise mixed native breeds as they are more suited to the Scottish climate and adapted to eat tough vegetation. At the moment, they have a variety of cows, sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens and turkeys. Including Gloucester Old Spot, Ethel, pictured here.

Mixed native breed pigs at The Haugh Farm in Winter, including Ethel (Gloucester Old Spot) and Dolores (Saddleback Cross).
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