Otter Facts

Here are some interesting facts about our native Otters The European otter is an important part of the ecological systems and are an apex predator sitting at the top of the food chain. The Latin name for the European otter is Lutra lutra pronounced…

Our wonderful Summer Tours 2018

Our ranger Justin has greatly enjoyed meeting many guests on our wildlife tours in the Cairngorms National Park. Here are his thoughts on the summer season tours It has been a great first summer season for us here at Wild Alba. We have welcomed…

Experience the Red Deer Rut Tour

Exciting Red Deer rut tour in the Cairngorms National Park this Autumn.


Wildlife Tour in Scotland

Cuckoo bees

While on a wildlife tour with Jackie you can learn some interesting facts about nature in the Cairngorms National Park

We Love Nettles

Wildlife Tour in the Cairngorms National Park

What’s happening under your nose?

guided wildlife tours running in the Cairngorms National Park.


Nature Day Trips

While out on a wildlife nature walk have you ever stumbled across an egg shell? Every Easter the supermarket shelves are stocked with rows of eggs of all shapes, sizes and colours with attractive packaging.  Outside of the supermarket there is a more subtle…

Our Ranger will be running a special tour over Easter

Nature in the Angus Glens

Easter Wildlife Safari in the Cairngorms

Trip report: A double Wildlife Safari

This weekend saw the sun shining on our Wildlife Safaris – something we’ve not seen much of recently! Our first group were visiting Aviemore for a few days as part of their holiday, and wanted to see some typically Scottish wildlife and scenery. Since…