Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2022

THANK YOU to The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival for bringing people together this year to get involved with new activities, and celebrate local businesses & 21st-century whisky champions. Here at Wild Alba Tours, we had a lovely time meeting new faces and sharing…

Guided Wildlife Walking Tours in Scotland

A weetie adventure at Speybay Nature Reserve Spring hasn’t yet fully arrived in Northern Scotland, but Speybay Nature Reserve came alive for Viv and Neil on our Coastal Bird Walk. On our journey from wet woodland to waves, amongst many others, we spotted Reed…

Otter Facts

Here are some interesting facts about our native Otters The European otter is an important part of the ecological systems and are an apex predator sitting at the top of the food chain. The Latin name for the European otter is Lutra lutra pronounced…

Our wonderful Summer Tours 2018

Our ranger Justin has greatly enjoyed meeting many guests on our wildlife tours in the Cairngorms National Park. Here are his thoughts on the summer season tours It has been a great first summer season for us here at Wild Alba. We have welcomed…

Experience the Red Deer Rut Tour

Exciting Red Deer rut tour in the Cairngorms National Park this Autumn.

Don’t rely on technology. Learn to use a map and compass.

Navigation in the Cairngorms

Blaeberry Bumblebee (Bombus monticola)

Some interesting facts on a guided wildlife tours running in the Cairngorms National Park

The funny thing about Cotton-grass is, it’s not cotton and its not a grass

Wildlife Safari Scotland

Our ranger Jackie tells some interesting facts on her guided wildlife tours running in the Cairngorms National Park. Here are her thoughts on Cotton-grass that can be seen on our nature trails. I have many memories of growing up in the countryside of Speyside…

Our Ranger will be running a special tour over Easter

Nature in the Angus Glens

Easter Wildlife Safari in the Cairngorms

Justin & Joe go on a recce to find a new walking route

On a fine day the Wild Alba team head out to look at new wildlife walks in the great outdoors for the 2018 season. A walk up a section of the east side Ben Rinnes is looked at. Ben Rinnes is the most dominating…