Our Favourite Walk in Glenlivet

Suie bothy walk There is nowhere like the Braes of Glenlivet. The river Livet runs down the Ladder Hills into the valley. Rolling hills of purple heather and tumble-down crofts provide a very memorable days walking and wildlife spotting. Parking the car at Allanreid…


Wildlife Tour in Scotland

Cuckoo bees

While on a wildlife tour with Jackie you can learn some interesting facts about nature in the Cairngorms National Park

We Love Nettles

Wildlife Tour in the Cairngorms National Park

Don’t rely on technology. Learn to use a map and compass.

Navigation in the Cairngorms

Blaeberry Bumblebee (Bombus monticola)

Some interesting facts on a guided wildlife tours running in the Cairngorms National Park


Nature Day Trips

While out on a wildlife nature walk have you ever stumbled across an egg shell? Every Easter the supermarket shelves are stocked with rows of eggs of all shapes, sizes and colours with attractive packaging.  Outside of the supermarket there is a more subtle…

What has our botanist Dr Oliver Moore seen lately

Nature Walks and day trips in the Cairngorms