Dog friendly walking tours

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two long coated brown and black dogs
Are you searching for dog friendly walking tours for your holiday in Scotland? You have come to the right place!

woman carrying dog outdoors
We know how special it can be to share experiences with our four-legged friends. That is why most of our wildlife walks are dog friendly. Look out for the happy dog stamp!
For a safe and enjoyable experience (and waggy tails) for everyone, please read our guidance on dogs below.
1. Be in control and expect the unexpected.
2. Always keep your dogs on a lead.

Photo credit: Forestry and Land Scotland

3. Prevent dogs from going up to other people and animals uninvited.
4. Poo: do the right thing. Always clean up after your dogs. Any public or household waste bin is fine for disposing of bagged dog poo; unless stated otherwise.

Photo credit: Forestry and Land Scotland

bumblebee on purple flower in macro photography
Be aware that our tour locations are full of sensitive wildlife that you might not be able to see. For this reason, we do not allow dogs to be off the lead during our tours.