About our wildlife tours in Scotland

Haste ye back to the Highlands!

white and black bird flying

Our mission, all year, is to enhance your experience nature in bonnie Scotland.

woodpecker on a tree trunk

Learn new skills to enhance how you interact with wildlife, like top tips for identifying woodland birds.

Meet local people who work in rural Scotland. Listen to their story and understand how they manage the land to help it thrive.

We are proud to be partnered with The Haugh Farm in Ballindalloch where we run our farm tours in Scotland throughout the year.

highland cattle cow in snow

Alba who? Alba is the Scottish-Gaelic name for Scotland. Long ago, Albany was the Roman name for Great Britain. Unconquered by the Romans, Scotland continued to be referred to as Albany, or Alba for short.

We support local independent businesses. Let us help you find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Speyside.

Nearly Cloudless Scotland, As Seen From the ISS

We think Scotland is the best place in the world! Help us to keep it unspoiled.

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